Accordions Worldwide Know the People Interview of Serenellini Accordion Factory

Editor Holda Paoletti-Kampl with:
- Sabrina Serenellini (Manager)
- Luciano Serenellini (father of Sabrina, Founder and former Manager)
- Donatella (Secretary/Translator/Export Manager).

from left: Harley Jones, Luciano Serenellini, Sabrina Serenilli, Donatella

Q. Sabrina and Luciano Serenellini. How did you start?
A. Luciano (now partly retired) answered: While young, I was working for many years in a company named Giaccaglia, that produced toys, first in wood and later in plastic. There were also accordion toys in their production line.

In the evenings in order to enlarge my horizon, I began learning about "real" accordion production by working (with experienced people I knew), on various small contract work jobs for the smaller accordion manufacturers. (Editor comment: Larger accordion producers tended to do all of the work in house at that time).

I started the accordion manufacture in 1978 ....... first in my own house in the basement and when my daughters were small, they would come regularly to the laboratories to "help" and put disorder into my work!

Q. To start in 1978 - you were quite couragious to start an accordion business as the "boom" of the accordion was slowing, with less and less production at that time!
A. Luciano: Yes - I knew this and others had told me this too, but somehow I felt, that I had "TO DO". I felt so much power in myself and I considered it as a challenge, and this gave me even more courage also in order to build something for my family!

In the beginning, I would produce only parts of the accordion for other companies ....... but it was NOT enough for me and my future interests. So I started the project to build complete accordions and when I was happy with the product ...... I presented MY Serenellini accordion, first at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1982.

I was really nervous about how this would go and when I found my first Serenellini client - What a satisfaction! And now looking back on that moment - most satisfying of all - this client is still a Serenellini client to this very day - now over 35 years!

Q. When did you move into this new Serenellini factory building?
A. Luciano: After working 5 years in our home laboratory and being confident with the new accordion brand of Serenellini, I decided to expand and build a factory for production, the factory that we are are currently working in - ONLY 5 years after becoming an accordion producer.

Even though, those times were not the most easy times economically for the accordion industry - I was confident that our efforts to build our own Serenellini product into a long term brand/production would succeed and I am very happy and very proud that time has confirmed my confidence.

Q. Sabrina - when did you join your father in the business?
A. Sabrina: I joined my father right after I completed Secretary School. Personally, I really liked the practical part of "doing" and I started to help in various processes of the handycraft production. This was helped, because we had a lady working in the office, that took care of all the International business, until she emigrated to Australia. So when her place became vacant, I took the opportunity, to take over her job.

Q. What kind of skills did you do/learn?
A. At that time - all processes of manufacturing the accordion were done in our own laboratory. So all different steps of production were happening and I had the chance to watch/help. I was keen and wanted to learn and I must admit, that my father was quite hard with me sometimes ..... severe and always controlling all my work very carefully!

This 'on the job' tutoring and work experience doing the jobs, helped me to learn a very wide knowledge of so many different and important production processes of accordion manufacture. This 'on the job' education has been very important for me in my work.

Q. Donatella - when did you join the Serenellini company? We are asking you, because we see such a relaxing and joyful relationship between you?
A. Donatella: I started to collaborate with Serenellini quite some time back! After years, at this stage, I feel like I am part of the family! I speak English, German, French and Italian and I handle all international customers.

This job with Serenellini gives me great satisfaction - as I have learned so many things and details of the accordion by explaining details to customers. This was and still is something very special to me!

Q. During the nearly 40 years of accordion manufacture - did you see changes in this world of the accordion production and manfacture?
A. Luciano: The mode of ordering has changed enormously! In the past, customers/shops would order 20 to 40 accordions, all of the same model, the same colours - now orders are individually, single accordions with different features each one! Of course - this type of production is a very big challenge - but one has to adapt.

Q. Donatella - I see you would like to add something to this?
A. Donatella: Yes - as I am the one who is dealing with the customers, I would like to add or let's say to mention, that since we are working with internet, we have a much closer contact with our customers.

Many of them and players themselves often send messages showing their great satisfaction and enthusiasm for their high quality Serenellini accordion and we all in the company share this joy all together.

Another change is, that winners of accordion competitions help our reputation - to maintain our name on top of the international scenery - and this makes us also very proud.

Some winners and famous performers who play Serenellini:

Yana Fedoruk
Yana FEDORUK (St. Petersburg - RUSSIA) (of the duo 'Yava Band' with Vladimir Popolzin) - October 2010 1st prize by 35th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival - cat. Jazz Music Ensemble Entertainment

Video above: Gala perfomance in Castelfidardo / ' Volare' by Yava Band ( Yana Fedoruk& Vladivir Popolzin)

Video above: Castelfidardo 2010 "Yava Band" Al and Bobby

Video above: Valerio RUSSO (Benevento - ITALY) - October 2015 1st prize by 68th Coupe Mondiale (Finland) - cat. Junior Virtuoso Entertainment

1st prize by 65th Trophee Mondial de l'Accordeon (Switzerland) - cat. Junior Virtuoso Entertainment and

September 2016: runner-up by 69th CIA (Russia) - cat. Digital Accordion (DAC)

Zoltan Orosz

Zoltan OROSZ (Budapest - HUNGARY) - one of the world's most famous accordionists.
Video above: Balkan Tune by Zoltan Orosz

Video above: Summer Moments by Zoltan Orosz

Q. Sabrina - do you have children, that might want to continue?
A. I have a 19 year old daughter who is still studying economy and international trade. I would be glad if she would join us in this family business: her new ideas and her knowledge of the international market would give the company more and more confidence.

Q. Luciano - Did your production change during the years? Have you changed your models....... added - eliminated?
A. Of course we always try to keep up to date according to the market request. At the very beginning I was used to manufacture especially the small diatonics but nowadays our range of products is wider and wider. Customers are more and more demanding and we want to face the other manufacturers' competition so every year there's something new: for instance this year we have released a new wooden line in 3 different versions and we have a very good feed back from our customers.

Q. Sabrina - Which are your most important markets?
A. We sell all over the world! We have customers in nearly all European Countries, then in the States, in South America, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia..... so we satisfy almost all the world!

Q. Luciano - what makes you most happy about your business?
A. - That I have succeded to build a name - my name in the accordion business during the most difficult time of accordion production.

- To be able to realize at the end of the month, that I have been able to pay all the workers, suppliers and all the materials for producing our instruments. All our internal and external cooperators know very well that I'm a very demanding but reliable man.

- Now - living in a strong and healthy little reality, to see my daughter being focused just like I was, and continuing the factory success.

(Editor) These factors clearly gave Luciano enormous satisfaction and happiness.

Q. Sabrina - can we ask you the same question?
Sabrina: Smile...... yes - of course! Me - I do not have a history of working with another big company or having had to take a big risk. I was born into this business, I have learned from my father - but honestly I must admit - I feel a great joy, when I see, that in so many countries of this world, we have happy customers and performers who are playing Serenellini..... the accordion with MY family name!
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