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Gary Dahl

Gary Dahl is widely known as a virtuoso accordionist as well as a composer, arranger, recording artist and music educator, with an extensive background in music theory, composition and harmony.
Gary has now developed an impressive body of work including hundreds of individual arrangements and more than a dozen books currently in publication by Mel Bay Publications.
As a recognized teacher, Gary provides specialized training for all levels of students. Gary's students have won national and state competitions as well as achieving professional status. Lessons are available via computer MP3 for students worldwide.
Gary currently performs as a single for private functions. The Gary Dahl trio plus vocalist performed regularly at private clubs, hotels and the lounge circuit from 1960 through 1991. Gary is a graduate of the University of Washington specializing in composition and theory and is a former commercial corporate pilot, flight instructor and corporate sales manager.
Numerous requests from students and friends searching for HIGH LEVEL PROFESSIONAL ACCORDION ARRANGEMENTS inspired Gary Dahl to create a library over the last 20 years with the following goals:

  • Creativity, good taste, harmonically/melodically correct.
  • Music with a sensible degree of difficulty, such that any additional difficulty would not improve the overall sound of the arrangement.
  • Guaranteed audience appeal and playing enjoyment.
  • Utilizing the orchestral capabilities of the accordion.
  • Music that will excite and challenge intermediate through professional. See page 2 for .pdf samples.

Your lesson opportunity with Gary Dahl Click on to view additional mp3 Lesson Information

LESSONS via mp3: Why not take real accordion lessons from one of the few remaining qualified teachers? Why not discover your full potential? You only live once...why waste your opportunity and never experience confident, advanced playing skills from amateur teachers. Your lessons will be an exciting and rewarding experience that features fast track advancement. Sadly, there are very few qualified accordion teachers and most likely not in your area. I am one of the very few teachers that can teach all styles accurately...and, I wrote the books! (see page two) All of my published arrangements are free to students. There are far too many published junk arrangements that can actually hurt a student’s progress by enforcing harmony errors and inaccurate style awareness. Learning from professionally creative and musically correct music will motivate you and your listeners while teaching competent musicianship. E-mail: for more information. Using Skype? You are locked into an inconvenient schedule.    MP3 lessons:  Less expensive and crystal clear recordings... and no inconvenient schedule. Stay away from the so-called free lessons on-line like the plague. They are conducted by amateurs and are basically stupid. Some of my students choose to use YOUTUBE and no dumb schedule required. 
mp3 Lesson Testimonial from Richard Sosinski M.D: To prospective mp3 students: I am a 57 year-old physician who took accordion lessons for five years in the early 1960s. I would pick up my old Noble once in awhile, but have recently decided to play again in earnest. I thought that I would buy some new music and just work on my own. One of the books that I bought was Gary Dahl's Chord Melody Method Book with instructional CD. I worked on it and the other music for a while and actually made good progress. (I thought) I then realized that I wanted to understand the music as well as play it, and that my playing technique was not going to get better without professional instruction. Finding any accordion teacher, much less a highly skilled and experienced one, can be quite challenging.
After listening to the instructional CD, I began to think about Gary's mp3 lessons, but I had some reservations. I wasn't really sure that I wanted to be a student again. I didn't see how sending digital music files back and forth would be a very efficient way of learning. And could this guy really critique my playing without seeing me?
Nevertheless, I decided to take the leap of faith; really, I had little to lose. I am happy to report that I am actually having a great deal of fun with these lessons. I have found that there are many advantages to taking lessons in this manner. As an adult student who has a busy career, I can record the lesson when it fits my schedule instead of having a preset date and time. If I'm out of sorts and having a bad day playing, I just start over and record the next day. Gary usually responds to my lesson in about 2 days with an mp3 file of his own. This file has me playing and his verbal critique as I go. He then outlines what he wants me to play for the next lesson and plays examples himself. It is an extremely relaxed process. I'm relaxed because I don't have an instructor in front of me, and his criticism is done in a very considerate and witty manner. He teaches a very efficient method, and builds on your positives. Plus, you have all of the lessons recorded in your music files and can play them again and again so nothing is missed or forgotten as it might be with 'live' lessons. I suppose there are some limitations to Gary not actually seeing me play, but he is so experienced that he knows what I am doing incorrectly just by listening. The bottom line is that in just three short months my technique is approaching far more brilliance than the previous five years and I'm learning the 'real world' of musicianship with the Chord Melody Method. (this particular skill level is the 'missing link' for accordionists)
If you are like me and are returning to the instrument, and are willing to put in the practice time, you'll catch up fast and have great fun with these lessons. If you are new to the accordion, you will learn the correct way to play from the critical beginning by an experienced teacher who has taught hundreds of beginners to professionals. And, if you are an accomplished player, you can refine your technique and musicianship using Gary's sophisticated, published arrangements while taking lessons.
I couldn't be more positive about Gary Dahl's MP3 Accordion Lessons. Richard Sosinski M.D.


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