This is a montage that I have made up from photos I have aquired from members of the Squeezebox Newsgroup/List. They are (from Left to Right) Peter DiBono Joe Natoli, Craig Hollingsworth, Andre Beskrowni, Gert- Jan Kamphorst , Peter and Anne Thornton. This is my first try, so please be patient until I improve on this one. There will be more Photos added from other listees in the near future. The background is the Wallace monument which overlooks the town of Stirling, Scotland.

My late father's Scottish dance band. This photo taken around 1960 was from the Scottish television show, "Jigtime" which featured my dad's band every week.

Two Reuther Keyboard Accordions. They are owned by Kenny Hopkins of Northern Ireland.

The Mexborough English Concertina Band. They were formed in 1887 and won a host of competitions. They all played Wheatstone Professional English Concertinas.

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