Gary Blair
Richard Wong
Stevie Mills

Gary Blair

Gary is the quiet one of the band......NOT! If someone wants to talk accordion then they better bring a flask of coffee, sleeping bag and a change of socks as Gary will talk the socks off anyone!

Gary is a past U.K. Accordion Champion and has won numerous accordion trophies over the years. He currently adjudicates at accordion festivals throughout the UK, and performs at many fesivals, ceilidhs, weddings and concerts. He plays a variety of different tunes and he has a few own compositions under his belt. Gary has appeared on television, video and radio on many occasions.

He has been playing accordion for 28 years and was a pupil of ''The Jimmy Blair Accordion School'' which was run by his late father and mother. Gary continues to teach accordion in Renfrew, Scotland, where he resides.

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Richard Wong
Richard can be seen impersonating a sound engineer at Mix Studios in Glasgow. He also does a pretty good impression of a wall flower when it comes to parties! Rumour has it that he is romantically involved with the A.A. man having had to call on his services on more than one occasion due to his Calibra having a nervous breakdown.

Richard first started learning accordion at the Jimmy Blair Accordion School, 16 years ago and in 1991 was U.K. Senior Traditional Accordion Champion. He has gone on to win other competitions such as the All Scotland Own Composition section etc.

He has been a member of the Gary Blair Ceilidh Band for a number of years and currently works as a sound engineer at the Studios of Michael MacNeil in Glasgow, Scotland, where our CD was recorded.

Stevie Mills

Stevie has now left the Band......Was it something we said, like, ''what's it like to hang around with some musicians?''.......No!... He has decided to further his driving ambitions and can now currently be seen eating a Yorkie bar and driving an articulated lorry along the M8 west of Glasgow......Anyhow, he didn't have the Stamina; -)

Well...He actually started off playing drums in The Balfron High Pipe Band under the instruction of Jim Haddow. He has been playing drums for 12 years now, having taught himself to play the full kit. He has performed with many Scottish dance bands but prefers the Ceilidh scene.

Our Guests
Alan Kitchen, (better known as'' fitted''!) is a well respected musician in Scotland. He plays with many bands, backs many singers and is a prolific arranger of music.
Donald Shaw whilst being a superb accordionist, is equally at home playing piano and keyboard which he often shows with his own band, Capercaillie. Donald is one of the busiest musicians in Scotland and often performs throughout the world.
Alistair Mcculloch is a fiddler of fine reputation. As well as playing with his own band, he also plays with the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra. He is currently studying for a music degree at the University in Glasgow. Alistair hails from Ayr, in Scotland.
Dave Cowan has been playing bass guitar for many years now and is currently a music teacher in Glasgow. Dave has an exceptional ear for music which was found very useful in the making of this CD!

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