EUGENIA MARINI is one of the most esteemed classical accordion performers on the international scene, having also a degree in violoncello. After a remarkable artistic experience as a violoncellist with the Chamber Orchestra "Angelicum of Milan", she has dedicated herself to the development and enhancement of the classic accordion, the instrument with which she began her musical studies. She was a student of M° Vittorio Melocchi of Milan and under his guidance she achieved many prestigious awards at international competitons. As a concert soloist she has performed mainly music from the baroque period to the 19th century, always obtaining a positiv consensus from both critics and public. She has played as the soloist with many prestigious chamber and italian sinfonic orchestras as well as recording several CD's for important labels such as EMI CLASSICS.

With the Chamber Orchestra of Padova and Veneto she has performed as the accordionist and bandoneonist with the world famous singer Milva, in a tour throughout Italy and Germany which took them to some of the most famous concert stages in those countries. On this tour, they were performing a repertoire entirely dedicated to Astor Piazzolla, achieving remarkably appreciative reviews from the critics. Eugenia Marini has been the special guest artist on many radio broadcasts in Italy and Austria and until 1999, was a member of the sextet "Tangoseis". Eugenia Marini is currently performing with various types of chamber groups in which prestigious musicians are taking part. The composer Bruno Bettinelli from Milan has dedicated her one composition for accordion soloist. Eugenia Marini has lectured several courses, published Teaching Methods for the classic accordion, promoted intense cultural activity benefiting the concert accordion in international conferences and collaborating with music magazines. For this activity she was awarded " The Carlino d'Oro " in 1992 in Castelfidardo (Ancona).
She is currently the president of the "Italian Association of Classic Accordions".

Main theatres and concert halls where Eugenia Marini has performed.

- Kölner Philharmonie - Köln
- Musikhalle - Hamburg
- Tonhalle - Düsseldorf
- Alteoper - Frankfurt
- Konzerthaus - Freiburg
- Philharmonie - München
- Palafenice - Venezia
- Teatro Regio - Torino
- Sala Verdi del Conservatorio - Milano
- Auditorium della RAI - Torino
- Teatro Grande - Brescia
- Teatro Al Massimo - Palermo
- Teatro Municipale Storchi - Modena
- Teatro Municipale Valli - Reggio Emilia
- Teatro Regio - Parma
- Teatro Comunale - Ferrara
- Teatro Verdi - Padova
- Teatro S. Filippo - L'Aquila
- Auditorium del Conserv. Casella - L'Aquila
- Teatro Marrucino - Chieti

- Collegio Gallio - Como
- Palazzo Martinengo - Brescia
- Feldkircher Schloss - Feldkirch
- The Knight's Hall - Ljubljana
- Palazzo Barolo - Torino
- Teatro alle Vigne - Lodi -
- Teatro Municipale "Alighieri" - Ravenna
- Teatro Comunale - Piacenza
- Sala Collegio Univ. Ghislieri - Pavia
- Auditorium del Conservat. Cantelli - Novara
- Teatro Filodrammatici - Milano
- Palazzina Liberty - Milano
- Teatro delle Erbe - Milano
- Palazzo Isimbardi - Milano
- Sala Piatti - Bergamo
- Teatro Sperimentale - Ancona
- Teatro Golden - Palermo
- Teatro S. Domenico - Foligno
- Teatro Sociale di Como
Contact Details

Eugenia Marini
Via Arnichi 29
24041 - BREMBATE SOTTO (Bergamo)Italy
Tel/Fax +39/035 801463
Mobile +39/333/2098354

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