Registrations and CD
Opera "Agenzia Matrimoniale" by R. Hazon / LP HiFi Westminster
CD 1
"Sweet Remembrance
of Astor Piazzolla"
CD Emi Classics
CD 2
"Loco yo, loco vos"
Sestetto Tangoseis
CD Pagani Records
CD 3
per fisarmonica"
CD RDS Sipario


- "The technic of the classic accordion"
Music Edition CURCI Milano

- "Fisarags" - music transcriptions of S. Joplin
Music Edition CURCI Milano

- "I tanghi by Astor Piazzolla"
- transcriptions for accordion
Music Edition CURCI Milano

- "Escualo" by A. Piazzolla
- transcription for accordion quartet
Music Edition CURCI Milano

-Teaching collaboration
with the Music Edition BERBEN Ancona

Cultural Activity

Collaboration with the following music magazines:
- Strumenti e musica
- Fisarmoniae
- Rassegna musicale CURCI

The international conference "standardization of the accordion" organized by Eugenia in the following countries:

1992 - Ikaalinen (Finland)
1993 - Toronto (Canada)
1993/94 - Castelfidardo (Ancona, Italy)

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