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Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships
16 - 20 October, 2002
Copenhagen, DENMARK

Hotel Accommodation for 55th Coupe Mondiale in Copenhagen

The headquarters for the 55th Coupe Mondiale will be at the Cab Inn Scandinavia. This will be the Hotel for the CIA Congress, CIA Office and accommodation for Candidates and Delegates.

Vodroffsvej 55
1900 Frederiksberg
Copenhagen, DENMARK

Telephone: (45) 35 36 11 11
Fax: (45) 35 36 11 14
E-mail: cabinn@cabinn.dk
Internet: www.cabinn.com

All rooms have:

  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Air-conditioning
  • TV (including CNN, ESPN etc...)
  • Telephone (USA style plug for Internet/e-mail connection)
  • Electric Kettle for complimentary Tea/Coffee
  • Includes Complimentary Breakfast in the Breakfast Hall on Lower Level

Near the Hotel:

  • The National Museum and Borups Højskole: 1,2 km
  • Main Railway Station: (Kobenhavn H) 1,0 km
  • Center of Copenhagen: Rådhuspladsen: 1,0 km
  • Small Store for water, drinks and snacks: 1 minute walk
  • Several Restaurants within close walking distance to Hotel

For reservations, you may contact
Cab Inn Scandinavia directly cabinn@cabinn.dk
or contact the DHL Secretary E-mail: dhl@dhl-online.dk

To receive the special 55th Coupe Mondiale prices, please tell them that you are either a Coupe Mondiale Candidate, or Coupe Mondiale Visitor (prices listed below).

Hotel Prices for Candidates and Visitors
No. of people in the room Price per person, per night for
Coupe Mondiale Candidates
Price per person, per night for
Coupe Mondiale Visitors
(all others)
  Danish Kr. US Dollar Euro Danish Kr. US Dollar Euro
1 510 60 67 545 65 72
2 300 36 40 350 42 46
3 225 27 30 285 34 38
4 188 22 25 243 30 32
Other Hotel Information
Other economic hotels in the center of Copenhagen.


Helgolandsgade 12
1653 København V
Telephone: (45) 33314610 Fax: (45) 33 31 46 09
E-mail: hotel-selandia@city.dk Internet: www.hotel-selandia.dk
Price: $76.00 (Single incl. Breakfast) Distance from Center: 200 meters

Helgolandsgade 7-11
1653 København V
Telephone: (45) 33 31 32 66 Fax: (45) 33 31 69 70
E-mail: triton@phg.dk Internet: www.phg.dk
Price: $88.00 (Single incl. Breakfast) Distance from Center: 200 meters.

Vesterbrogade 9
1620 København V
Telephone: (45) 33 27 69 00 Fax: (45) 33 27 69 01
E-mail: grandhotel@arp-hansen.dk Internet: www.grandhotelcopenhagen.dk
Price: $120.00 (Single incl. Breakfast) Distance from Center: 200 meters.
Directions to the CabInn Scandinavia
For Candidates/Visitors arriving at the Copenhagen Airport (CPH), after you exit the immigration area of the airport you will find yourself in the main Arrivals Hall where you will see all the airline ticket counters for passenger Check-in.

In this main area, at the far end by the entrance to the building, you will see the ticket office for the train marked "DSB Train Tickets." You can buy a ticket to the Central Copenhagen Train Station (Kobenhavn H) for 21 Danish Kroner.

Follow the sign down the ramp (or elevator) to Track 2 (Spor 2) for the train to Kopenhavn H (main station) which runs every 20 minutes, and takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

From the main station, it is easiest to take a Taxi to the CabInn Scandinavia - address: "Vodroffsvej 55", (important: show driver address "Vodroffsvej 55" as there are two CabInns.) Taxi Price from main station: approx. 50 Danish Kroner (approx. $US 6.00)

It is also possible to take Bus No. 11 from the main station. From the main station there are 4 exits. Take the exit for "Tivoli, and you can see it across the street. The street name is "Bernstorffsgade", where you will find the bus terminal. On the Tivoli side of the Bernstorffsgade Street, take Bus No. 11 - direction Bellahoj. Go three stops to Rosenorns Alle/Vodroffsvej which is 100 feet from the hotel. You can use the same ticket from the Airport for the entire trip.

Danske Harmonikaspilleres Landsforbund (DHL) - Secretariat
Fryndeshave 6
6440 Augustenborg
Phone: +45 7447 4337
Fax: +45 7447 4327

E-mail: dhl@dhl-online.dk

Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) - General Secretary
Dietrichgasse 51/19, A - 1030, Vienna, AUSTRIA   Phone/Fax: +43 1-712 0960   E-mail: icaccordions@netway.at

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