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Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships
16 - 20 October, 2002
Copenhagen, DENMARK


Thursday 17th October

Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships

9:00 AM saw the beginning of the first round of the Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships.

  • Testpiece: CIRCUS by Bent LORENTZEN.(must play ALL movements)
    Publisher: SAMFUNDET Grabrodrestaede 18 DK -1156 Copenhagen.
    The Test Piece is available on request from both the CIA Secretariat or you may request it online.
  • any Prelude and Fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier, Book I or II, by J.S. Bach
  • any Sonata by Domenico Scarlatti
    (The complete Testpiece, Bach Prelude & Fugue and Scarlatti Sonata must be played in one sitting and may be played in any order.)

The jury for the Coupe Modiale consisted of, pictured from left to right:

Tibor Racz, Slovakia
Milan Blejetic, Yugoslavia
Guianluc Pica, Italy
John Leslie, United Kingdom (Chairman of the Jury)
Jytte von Ruden, Denmark
Viatchislav Semionov, Russia
Bruno Teruel, France

Coupe Mondiale Contestant:
Alexey Lapshin, Russia
Coupe Mondiale Contestant:
Lidia Kaminska, Poland

Junior Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships
At the same time as the Senior Coupe Mondiale began, the Junior Coupe Monidale also began Round I. Each of the contestants were required to perform:
  • TEST-PROGRAMME: minimum 10 minutes to maximum 15 minutes playing time. Two (2) pieces must be played which must include one original work for accordion and one baroque work written for harpsichord/clavichord. Failure to observe minimum or maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty by the jury

The jury for the Junior Coupe Mondiale consisted of:

Joachim Pichura, Poland
Zorica Karakutovska, Macedonia
Paolo Jorge Ferreira, Portugal
Alexander Dmitriew, Russia
Joan Sommers, USA (Chairperson of the jury)
Gina Branelli, United Kingdom
Lisse Petersen, Denmark
(Raymond Bodell, United Kingdom - Secretary to all the Juries)
Junior Coupe Mondiale Contestant
Larysa Bodell from United Kingdom
Junior Coupe Mondiale Contestant
Vese Kuparinen from Finland

Senior Virtuoso Entertainment
One of the popular features of the annual Coupe Mondiale is the Virtuoso Entertainment Category which requires contestants to present

OWN CHOICE PROGRAMME ONLY: Own-choice programme consisting more than three (3) pieces of different styles and moods. Playing time: maximum 15 minutes. Failure to observe the maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty by the jury.

The jury for the Senior Virtuoso Entertainment category included:

Alexander Dmitriew, Russia
Kimmo Mattila, Finland
Maddalena Belfiore, USA-AAA (Chairperson of the Jury)
Gina Brannelli, United Kingdom
Lisse Petersen, Denmark
Guillaume Rollet, France
Paolo Jorge Ferreira, Portugal
Three entrants from the Senior Virtuoso Category
Yoann Chiarugi, France
Laurent Derache, France
Vincent Carenzi, France

International Chamber Music Competition
This years 55th Coupe Mondiale saw the initiation of the International Competition for Chamber Music. This competition had the following requirements:
  • For accordion and one or two other instruments (ie: 2nd accordion, flute, violin etc.)
  • Chamber Music competition is designed for Classical Music only (not Folk)
  • Own choice program consisting of at least two (2) pieces including one (1) transcription/arrangement and one (1) original piece of different style and character
  • Accordion candidate must provide own instruments and players for other musicians (except:piano)
  • Playingtime: maximum 20 minutes. Failure to observe the maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty by the jury.
  • Marking will take into consideration program choice, level of playing and ensemble work.
  • Accordion part must play at least an equal role to other one or two instrumentalists (ie: not accompianment.)
Proving very popular with the audience, this competition saw a variety of ensembles. The jury for this competition consisted of:

Joachim Pichura, Poland
Marta Libalova, Denmark
Herbert Scheibenreif, Austria
Joan Sommers, USA-ATG (Chairperson of the Jury)
Oleg Sharov, Russia
Stephen Vincent, New Zealand
Vojan Vasovic, Yugoslavia

Chamber Music Contestants from Russia:
Vyacheslav Samofalov, accordion
Oksana Fenyuk, violin
Vadym Darmostuk, accordion

Chamber Music Contestants from Poland:
Leszek Kokodziejski, accordion
Pawek Cieslak, clarinet
Chamber Music Contestants from Macedonia:
Zoran Kirjakovski, accordion
Atanas Aleksov, percussion
Blagoja Antovski, percussion

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