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Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships
16 - 20 October, 2002
Copenhagen, DENMARK


Saturday 19th October

Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championship

The last six contestants began the third and final round of the Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championship at 9am. In playing order they were:

1 Alexander Poeluev Chrom.Fantasia con Fug., D minor, J.S. Bach/tr. Semyonov
  Russia "October" from The Seasons P. Cajkovskij/tr. Semyonov
    Hunting Paganini/Liszt/tr. Semyonov
    Don Rhapsody No. 1, part 3 V. Semyonov
    Bee Matsanov
2 Xia Gong English Suite I.prelude, IV. Sarabante,  
  China V. gavotte I-II, VI gigue. J.S. Bach
    Metamorphoses T. Lundquist
    Waltz "Blue Danube" J. Strauss/tran. Sharov
    Figaro G. Rossini, tran. Dmitrev
3 Alexandre Lebedev Prel. & Fug., D minor (op.41) D. Sostakovic
  Russia Gulag in 5 movts. (op.11) V. Vlasov
    Waltz "Voices of Spring" J. Strauss/tran. Jaskevic
4 Artem Kouznetsov Toccata G. Katzer
  Russia Gnomenreigen F. Liszt
    Konzertstück C. von Weber
5 Milos Milivojevic Sonata F major D. Scarlatti
  Serbian Botany Play (choise of mov.) T. Lundquist
    Toccata Z. Bozanic
    Flight Meat-ball over the Fence O. Schmidt
    Don Rhapsody No. 2, 1st movt. V. Semyonov
    Introduction & Tarantella P. Sarasate
6 Pescada Goncalo Choral E major C. Franck
  Portuguese Preambulo e Toccata B. Precz
    Perpetuum Mobile V. Zubitsky
    (IV And. Partita Concertante No.1)  

CLICK HERE for the results.

The Black Diamond
Final Gala Concert and Prizegiving

The final Gala concert and prizegiving began at 7pm, in "The Queen Hall" of the Black Diamond", which houses the Royal Library. Under the baton of Peter Anders, the capacity audience were treated to entertainment by the Allerod Accordion Orchestra.

With this being the inaugural year of the Chamber Music class, it seemed fitting that most of the performances this evening were the accordion with other instrumentalists.

Alexander Poeluev

The Allerod Accordion Orchestra performed with trumpet and violin players, including Christian Ellegaard, son of the famous Danish accordionist Mogens Ellegaard.

Duo Semionov (Viacheslav and his wife Natalia) performed some well known Russian music. Swedish jazz accordionist Lars Holm, together with saxophone player Inge Petersson gave some fantastic jazz renditions.

Prizewinners from the various categories also perfomed selections from their winning programmes, including Russian Alexander Poeluev, who won both the Coupe Mondiale and the International Piano Accordion competitions.

Duo Semionov

Lars Holm (right) & Inge Petersson

Winner of the best performance
of the Test Piece by Bent Lorentzen

The composer himself:
Bent Lorentzen
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