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Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships
16 - 20 October, 2002
Copenhagen, DENMARK


Friday 18th October

Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships

The second round of the Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships started at 9am. The contenstants in playing order were:

1 Leszek Kokodziejski Sonata No. 1 A. Kusjakov
2 Artem Kouznetsov Carpathian Suite (in four mov.) V. Zubitsky
3 Liu Yiru Basqueriad V. Semyonov
4 Alexandre Lebedev Autumn Suite in 6 movts. (op.29) A. Kusjakov
5 Pescada Goncalo Sonata No. 1 op. 13 A. Nagaev
6 Alexander Poeluev Divertimento A. Kusjakov
7 Branko Djordjevic Metamorphosen J. Tamulionis
8 Alexey Lapshin Sonata No. 2 "Basqueriad" V. Semyonov
9 Xia Gong Partita Concertante in modo  
  China di jazz-improvis. I,II,III,IV,V. V. Zubitsky
10 Milos Milivojevic Autumn Suite A. Kusjakov

The Jury asked 6 contestants to come back for the final round tomorrow.

The jury for the Coupe Mondiale consisted of, pictured from left to right:


Tibor Racz, Slovakia
Milan Blejetic, Yugoslavia
Guianluc Pica, Italy
John Leslie, United Kingdom (Chairman of the Jury)
Jytte von Ruden, Denmark
Viatchislav Semionov, Russia
Bruno Teruel, France

International Piano Accordion Competition
Hilary Thwaites of New Zealand

This was the second time the International Piano Accordion Competition was held. The venue was the National Museum; the class starting at 2pm. Contestants performed an Own Choice Programme, consisting of three (3) or more pieces of different styles, characters and composers. Playing time: minimum 15 minutes to maximum 20 minutes.

12 contestants from the Ukraine, Russia, USA, Macedonia, New Zealand, Yugoslavia and Belarus were competing for a Concert tour to perform as Guest Artist in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.
Second prize is $500.00, third $250.00.

The contestants (and programmes) in playing order were:

1 Kosto Todorovski Sonata F# minor D. Scarlatti
  Macedonia Prelude & Fugue, C minor J.S. Bach
    3 – 3 – 2 B. Precz
    Sonata No. 2, I movm. V. Zolotarev
2 Ruslan Maslennikov Organ Prelude & Fugue in F major Bugtehude
  Belarus Tarantella M.Moshkovsky
    Bulgarian Book V. Zubitsky
    Toccata No. 2 Grushevsky
3 Campbell Bettridge Toccata & Fugue, D minor J.S. Bach
  New Zealand La Chasse, Etude Paganini / Liszt
    Capriccio A. Repnikov
4 Ruslan Gondyuk Sonata C major D. Scarlatti
  Ukraine Caprice #24, A minor N. Paganini
    Sonata #2 Bobich
5 Predrag Jankovic Sonata (Presto,Andante,Menuet) J. Haydn
  Yugoslavia (Montenegro) Spanish Suite (movm. V, VI, VII) A. Beloshicki
    Concert piece for accordion (Allegro) J. Feld
6 Hilary Thwaites Concerto movm. No. 4 J.S. Bach
  New Zealand Russian Suite G. Shenderyov
    La Valse a Margaux R. Galliano
    Step V. Vlasov
7 Mylie Thwaites Concert movm. 1, 2, 3, 4 J.S. Bach
  New Zealand Passacaglia N. Chaikin
    Basso Ostinato V. Vlasov
8 Filip Stamevski Sonata in C major D. Scarlatti
  Macedonia Prelude & Fugue G major J.S. Bach
    Fantasia Polaoa B. Precz
    Suite V. movm. A. Beloshicki
9 Jason Stephen Sonata in A major, K209, L428 D. Scarlatti
  USA (ATG) Prelude & Dance op. 69 P. Creston
    Take ten F. Marocco
    Variations on a Russian Folk song R. Würthner
10 Alexander Poeluev Fantasia con Fugue, A minor J.S. Bach
  Russia Hunting Paganini/Liszt, tr. Semyon.
    Don Rhapsody No. 1, part 3 V. Semyonov
    Bossa Nova V. Vlasov
    Bee Matsanov
11 Nadejda Guseva Toccata G. Katzer
  Russia Flora’s Game A. Piazzolla
    Etincelles M. Moszckovski
12 Cory Pesaturo Symphony Tune-up T.J. Gasperini
  USA (AAA) Concerto No.1 op.23, B minor, 3. mov. A. Tchaikovsky
    Konzertstück, op. 19 C.M. von Weber

Junior Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships

The Junior Coupe Monidale also began Round 2 at 9am. Each of the contestants were required to perform and Own Choice Programme, minimum 10 minutes to maximum 15 mins playing time. Two (2) pieces must be played which must include one original work for accordion. Individual movements from cyclic works are acceptable. Contestants who performed in the second round were:

1 Ljubomir Mitrovic Choral B minor C. Franck
  Yugoslavia (Serbia) Toccata Z. Bozanic
2 Vesa Kuparinen Chamber suite 3 movts. I-IV-V V. Zolotariev
  Finnland Asturias I. Albeniz
3 Anton Torbeev Sonata No. 1 III. part A. Puskarenko
  Russia Romance F. Angelis
4 Nemanja Drazic Spanish Suite No. 3, selected movts. A. Belosickij
  Yugoslavia (Serbia) Sonata No. 2, Finale D. Bobic
5 Zoran Kirjakovski Sonata F major D. Scarlatti
  Macedonia Carpathian Suite 2,3,4 V. Zubitsky
6 Larysa Bodell Prelude Aria Toccata O. Macha
  United Kingdom The Flight beyond the Time P. Makkonen
7 Aude Giuliano Boite á Rythme F. Angelis
  France Partita V. Zolotariev
8 Rade Mijatovic Tears B. Lorentzen
  Yugoslavia (Serbia) Preambolo and Toccata B. Precz

The jury for the Junior Coupe Mondiale consisted of:

Joachim Pichura, Poland
Zorica Karakutovska, Macedonia
Paolo Jorge Ferreira, Portugal
Alexander Dmitriew, Russia
Joan Sommers, USA (Chairperson of the jury)
Gina Branelli, United Kingdom
Lisse Petersen, Denmark
(Raymond Bodell, United Kingdom - Secretary to all the Juries)

Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Music Competition

The Junior Virtuoso Entertainment competition was held at Borups High School at 1pm. Contestants performed an Own Choice programme consisting more than two (2) pieces of different styles and moods. Playing time: maximum 12 minutes.

The contestants (and programmes) in playing order were:

1 Elodie Malcus Capricieusette Mic. & Mau. Larcange
  France L’Aquillon A. Astier
    Chorino Pra Ele H. Pascoal
    Panorama Mazurka J. Lesueur
2 Guy Giuliano Medley de Valses Arr. N. Massoutie
  France Samba, ca méclate N. Massoutie/D. Emorine
    Contrabajeando A. Piazzolla arr. G. Giuliano
    Medley de Mazurka Richard/Massoutie/Noél
3 Julien Gonzales Théme du Capitaine Na yun kin
  France Formule 1 Azzolla / Groffke
    Grain de Fantaisie Richard / Larcange
    New York Tango R. Galliano
    Panoramazurka Lesueur / Barbottin
4 Marie-Andree Joerger Fantaisie en E minor A. Astier
  France Banana Samba Richard / Sonnerat
    2 + 1 C. Thomain
    Mazurka du Diable M. Ferrero
5 Estelle Sauvain Caprice-Mazurka M. Azzola / A. Astier
  France Bossa In Normandie C. Thomain
    Sa Préférée J. Privat arr. A. Noel
    Chico Polka E. Comere/J.M. Torchy
6 Eva Spilmont Dance insolite A. Astier
  France A Joss Astier / Thomain
    Accordeon Steeple Astier / Larcange
    La Catovienne Larcange / Cambler
7 Mickaél Vigneau Notes Vagabondes C. Thomain
  France Adios Nonino A. Piazzolla
    Polka 2001 J. Richard
    Czardas Monti
8 William Langton Luci e Ombre P. Pizzigoni
  United Kingdom Tutto Gas Wolmer Betrami
    Graceful Lady of Paris L,Erchar
9 Laura Choffé Pistonnette M. Larcange
  France Accordeon – Rag Rossi / Astier
    La Volkina A. Lassagne
    Vacation Nostalgie C. Thomain

25th Anniversary Concert

The Danish Accordion Association's 25th anniversay concert was held in the great concert hall of the Skt Annae Gymnasium, starting at 7pm. Among the many Danish and International artists were Duo Semionov, the duo Lars Holm and Inge Petersson, Heidi and Morten, UkranianDyvohray, the Danish and Swedish duo of M Baekgaard and J Sundequist, along with many Danish Accordion Orchestras.

At the break the DHL hosted a small reception. This evening combined festivity and entertainment of the highest calibre.

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