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Coupe Mondiale
Kragujevac, Yugoslavia
Excursion to the Zirca Monastery
On Saturday morning, contestants, delegates and guests were treated to an excursion to the Zirca Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Serbia, which is located approximately one hour south of Kragujevac.

United Kingdom Coupe Mondiale contestant Lyndsey-Ann Allan (left) being interviewed by a local TV station. CIA General Secretary Walter Maurer from Austria and CIA President Ove Hahn from Sweden are pictured outside the Zirca Monastery

CIA Merit Award to Radomir Tomic

Radomir Tomic - Yugoslavia was the recipient of the prestigious CIA Merit Award, one of the highest honors to be awarded to accordion dignitaries around the world.

CIA President Ove Hahn is pictured to the left, after presenting the award to Radomir, pictured center, and to the right is the 2000 CIA Festival organizer, Milan Tomic.

The 2000 Jury

Pictured left to right:
Diana Stantcheva - Bulgaria
Radomir Tomic - Yugoslavia
John Leslie - United Kingdom
Olivier Urbano - France
Sergey Voitenko - Russia
Frode Andersen - Denmark
Walter Maurer - Austria
Aleksandr Dmitriev - Russia
Paulo Jorge Ferreira - Portugal
Gianluca Pica - Italy
Zorica Karakutovska - Macedonia
Jacques Mornet - France
Amaia Liceaga - Spain
Vojin Vasovic - Yugoslavia
Boris Lenko - Slovakia (not pictured)
Festival Concerts
Predrag Kostovic - accordion and Suzana Racic - piano (pictured to the right) performed the Concerto for Two Pianos in C minor, 1st movement by J. S. Bach.

Dragan Djokic - accordion, performed Tango by Piazzolla with the Chamber Ensemble of Music Art Faculty from Belgrade.

The Accordion Orchestra of the Kragujevac Music School, Conducted by Denis Modrusan, pictured with soloist Irina Vasovic - Domra, after performing the Concerto for Domra and accordion orchestra in G minor, 1st movement by N. Budashkin.
1998 CIA Coupe Mondiale Champion Konstantin Istchenko from Russia is pictured receiving congratulations after his outstanding recital which was part of the nightly concert series offered to the contestants, delegates and guests.
Coupe Mondiale Competitors
Pictured to the left is Italian contestant Gianluca Campi.

To the right are pictured some "Flashes of Fun from France!"

Virtuoso contestants from France including Vincent-Pierre Carenzi (Junior), Marielle Roy, Xavier Rollet and Mickael Richard (Senior) were just four of the contestants playing the the brightly colored instruments.

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