Each program must be recorded in one recording. (no video interruption between the different works - except ensemble). No audio or video editing is accepted under penalty of disqualification.

Videos should have been recorded recently, but not necessarily specifically for this festival – the background should be neutral

Go on, create your own youtube channel – from here you will be able to upload your video as required.

The Video MUST be named with the following information:
Category – Name - BCA Internet site address:

Here please write your program with Titles and Composers.

Select "No, it's not Made for Kids"

Press NEXT to go on the second page. That page is not important and go directly to the 3rd page pressing NEXT again at the bottom of the page on the right.

IMPORTANT: Select UNLISTED!!! (Private or Public links will not be accepted by the BCA) then SAVE your video – DONE!

Please then send the youtube link to the address:

After the 15th May, you will be able to change the visibility of the link, & publish it everywhere you want.

If you are unable to do the youtube upload, please send me your video directly to me at and I will do it for you.

Please be sure that your Youtube link or VIDEO is SENT to the BCA NO LATER than SUNDAY 1st May 2022

Thanks a lot for your help, support and understanding,

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