BCA International and National Graded Anniversary Festival 2021

International Jury

On behalf of the BCA Board of Administration I would like to Congratulate all the contestants who have participated in this 85th Anniversary (1936 -2021) online festival particularly the 1st Place prize winners in each category.

I would also sincerely record my sincere thanks to all the Jury members for their efforts during this festival - they always work with such commitment to our wonderful instrument, the accordion!

The awards to all contestants can be seen under each category header and the video's of all the contestants can be viewed by clicking on the contestants picture.

A diploma to all contestants will be emailed to you very soon.

Again, thank you, keep flying the Accordion flag and I look forward to seeing us all being able to meet in person in the non too distant future!

Raymond Bodell - Principal of The British College of Accordionists

International Festival Results

Classical Categories

Category C - 15 & Under Solo

Category D - 12 & Under Solo

Category E - 9 & Under Solo


Traditional/Variety Categories

Category H- 15 & Under Solo

Category I - 12 & Under Solo

Category J - 9 & Under Solo


Adults & Ensemble Categories

Category K- Adults Solo

Category L - Ensemble Senior

Category M - Ensemble Junior


BCA National Graded Results




International Festival Rusults