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Sunday 12 June 2017    Saturday 10 June 2017

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Sunday Workshop with Lionel Reekie

Lionel Reekie
"The More the Merrier - Playing With Others" workshop by Lionel Reekie.

The AATA is pleased to offer this great workshop to introduce how bands are so much more than just several players all doing the same thing. Presented by international accordion entertainer and vocalist, Lionel Reekie (New Zealand).
workshop participants
A group of participants improvising / playing together.
Lionel Reekie
Lionel demonstrating sounds and then having the players improvise with him.
Oliver Rathje Lucy Voronov
1. The sessions included improvising with other instruments. Left is Oliver Rathje playing the mandolin
and Belarusian virtuoso cimbalom player Lucy Voronov also joined in giving
workshop participants a chance to play/improvise together.
Zelda Mormul & Lucy Voronov
Zelda Mormul and Lucy Voronov performing.
A very nice workshop that was informative and also a lot of fun to participate in.

Gala Concert Afternoon

AATA Trophies
Trophies to be presented.
AATA Trophies
Additional trophies being unpacked to put on display.
Lionel Reekie
Lionel Reekie was compere for the Gala Concert.

AATA Gala Concert Opening Speech

The accordion is a wonderful instrument. Its versatility and popularity in all styles of music from classical to folk and pop mean that it really offers something for everybody regardless of their musical tastes. Here in Australia, professional entertainers and amateur musicians alike helped promote the accordion in the wider community, and thanks to the efforts of accordion teachers across all states, the accordions’ recognition as serious musical instrument grew to a point where well-respected examination bodies such as the AMEB added our instrument to their syllabus.

The Accordion Society of Australia did wonderful work for accordionists here in Australia, and with the formation of the Australian Accordion Teachers Association in 1993, it provided additional opportunities for us to highlight Australia on the international stage.  Since its inception the AATA has been focussed on attracting some of the best international competitors and guest artists to Australia, both to inspire a new generation of players and to build partnerships with top teachers overseas in order to create a pathway for our students to follow.  Indeed we have been thrilled to see many of our past Australian International Champions go on to win some of the most prestigious competitions such as Kingenthal, Coupe Mondiale and Trophee Mondiale.

Since our last festival, the AATA has been very active in the international scene.  I have been able to represent Australia as a judge in accordion competitions, and indeed one of our talented Australian accordionists, Marina Jin won first prize in Harbin China.  Australia too was represented in Russia at the international congress of the World Accordion Body, the first time that our association had sent a delegate since being granted premiere voting membership. 

We believe that in order to continue raising the standard of accordion teaching and student performance in Australia, that it is essential to build these international relationships whilst continuing to support local efforts to showcase the accordion.

We have enjoyed a great weekend of music and I know you will love the variety of music on offer in today’s Gala Concert.  Thank you to all of our international performers and guests.  We hope you have enjoyed your time here in Australia and we look forward to welcoming you back some time in the future.

To all of you here, thank you for supporting our young players and indeed the accordion in general.  Thank you to my committee and in particular Richard She and Melissa She for the extra work they have done to over the past few months to bring this event together.  Well done to all of our competitors this weekend.  I hope you have found the experience both exciting and inspiring, and can’t wait to hear you all again next year.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy our Gala Concert.
Legacy Ensemble
"The Legacy" Ensemble has performed around Sydney
alot since being formed about 2 years ago.
Theodora Djukic Theodora Djukic and Mitar Tomasevic
2. Legacy accordionist Theodora Djukic 3. Theodora Djukic and Mitar Tomasevic
Gala Concert audience
View of the hall and the crowd.
Zelda Mormul
Zelda Mormul was a winner of several categories.
Zelda Mormul, Dasha, Lucy Voronov
Zelda Mormul performing with violinist Dasha acccompanied by her mother, virtuoso cimbalom player Lucy Voronov.
Zelda, Valda and Hilda Mormul Valda Mormul & Oscar O'Byrne
Zelda (left) prize giving had her two sisters Valda
(middle) and Hilda helping to carry the trophies.
Two of the youngest players, both 5 years old,
Valda Mormul and Oscar O'Byrne performed a duet.
Marina Jin
Winner of two international categories was Marina Jin.
Marina Jin
Tatjana Marx, Richard She, Marina Jin & brother
5. Presentation to Marina Jin of her trophies. Left to right: AATA President Tatjana Marx,
AATA Vice-President Richard She, Marina Jin and her younger brother helping carry the trophies.
Alfresco Ensemble Alfresco Ensemble
Accordions Alfresco Ensemble, sorry this is in two pictures but I did not have the wide camera lens with me.
Gennady Savkov
Gennady Savkov (Lithuania) performed.
Tatjana Marx, Oliver Rathje, and Lucy Voronov, performing with Richard She and Marina Jin
6. Jaga Band trio of Tatjana Marx, Oliver Rathje, and Lucy Voronov, performing with Richard She and Marina Jin.
Lionel Reekie
Tatjana Marx and Lucy Voronov
Tatjana Marx and Lucy Voronov.
Tatjana Marx
Closing Speech by AATA President Tatjana Marx

Thank you everyone for your attendance this weekend. I hope you are all looking forward to dinner here at the Club Marconi.  I would like to thank the club for their support in providing this wonderful venue and accommodating our Festival.  To all of our performers, thank you again for your involvement in todays concert. Your contribution is really appreciated and we couldn’t have done this without you.

Please remember that membership of the AATA is open to all who want to support and encourage the accordion and opportunities for Australian accordionists.  If you are not already a member please visit our website for membership information aata.org.au.

I hope to see all of you again, Queens Birthday Weekend 2018 for next year’s AATA festival, - so until then – thank you and have a good evening!

This report has been sponsored by:
Accordion House, New Zealand
Our grateful thanks to Accordion House.

Sunday Dinner

A very nice buffet dinner was held in the Star Buffet at Club Marconi. There we had the pleasure of some great accordion entertainment music led by Lionel Reekie, Ben Pattinson, Zheng Lei, Amelia Granturco and others.

A very nice way to complete a weekend of enjoyable good music.

Thank you to the AATA Committee:
President Tatjana Marx
Vice President Richard She
Secretary and Treasurer Melissa She
Committee: Lionel Reekie, Helen Metlenko, Owen Mormul.

 Saturday 10 June 2017
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