2022 Coupe Mondiale Rules and Regulations Released, Zofingen - Switzerland

75th Coupe Mondiale header
Yvonne Glur (President), Ruedi Marty2022 Coupe Mondiale PosterThe 75th Coupe Mondiale will be held from 04 - 09 October 2022 in Zofingen , Switzerland, hosted by the CIA member accordeon.ch led by President: Yvonne Glur (President) and Switzerland CIA delegate Ruedi Marty.

CIA President Mirco Patarini and CIA Secretary General Kimmo Mattila warmly invite accordion competitors, teachers and supporters to attend the 2022 Coupe Mondiale which will feature concerts and competitions as follows:
• 75th Coupe Mondiale
• Masters Coupe Mondiale
• Junior Coupe Mondiale
• International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
• Junior International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
• Chamber Music - Classical
• Chamber Music - World Music


Hall Zofingen

33rd International “Bayan and Bayanists” Festival, Moscow – Russia

Bayan festival poster
Videos of five major festival concerts and the Silver Disc awards are reported in detail at 2021Moscow and there are now many pictures of the international 33rd International “Bayan and Bayanists” Festival, Moscow.

Concerts included:
• December 17th: 75th Anniversary Celebration of Viatcheslav Semionov, People’s Artist of Russia
• December 18th: 70th Anniversary Celebration of Alexander Dmitriev
• December 19th: Astor Piazzolla – 100! Celebrations

Full report at: 2021Moscow


Mirco Patarini and Gabriele Mirabassi in Moscow - Russia

Video: Concerto “Strambotti” for Accordion, Clarinet and string orchestra, by Brazilian composer André Mehmari.

Mirco Patarini and Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet) with Yuri Medianik conducting the Chamber Orchestra "Pluriart Orchestra" performed on the 17th December in Moscow as part of the 33rd International “Bayan and Bayanists” Festival.


Poster Mirco Patarini and Gabriele Mirabassi

The Brandon McPhee Experience 2022 – Scotland

Brandon McPhee
Video: Brandon McPhee playing "The Rose of Aberdeen"

The Brandon McPhee Experience show will take place next year beginning on February 16th, 2022 in Musselburgh, organised by BRM Promotions.

Further February concerts will be held in Stirling, Langholm, Brechin, Inverness and Aberdeen.


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Friedrich Lips’ Future Events – Russia and Germany

Friedrich LipsVideo: Friedrich Lips performing on March 20th, 2021 at the Gnessin Hall for the Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica Day.

Friedrich Lips’ Future Events for 2022 as listed below:
• February 16th: Performance of Sofia Gubaidulina “Fachwerk” for bayan, percussion and strings in Moscow, Russia.
• February 17th to 20th: Masterclass at the Bashmet Festival in Sotshi, Russia
• February 25th and 26th: Head of jury at the Solotaryov Competition in Pushkino, Russia.
• March 10th to 15th: Head of jury at the Saidashev Competition in Kasan, Russia.
• March 22nd to 26th: Masterclass in Moscow, Russia


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80th Anniversary ATG: July 20-24 in the Chicago Area - USA

ATG Poster
The long awaited Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International (ATG) festival celebration is happening next summer!

Join the ATG from July 20th to 24th, 2022 in the Chicago area as the ATG’s 80th anniversary is celebrated.

Reserve your seat for the 80-piece ATG Festival Orchestra! This special orchestra is in honor of the ATG's 80th anniversary, and will be directed by Joan C. Sommers.


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