2021 PIF Castelfidardo, Schedule, Rules and Entry Information Updated - Italy

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Antonio SpaccarotellaThe 2021 PIF Castelfidardo dates are 28 September to 02 October. The major change for 2021 is that the results, prizegiving and Premio round III will be held on Saturday 02 October changing the tradition of Sunday 4 pm schedule. Artistic Director is Antonio Spaccarotella from Calabria.

The revised schedule is online: 2021PIF-schedule
The latest update of the rules and entry information is online at:
2021PIF-en and 2021PIF-it

The closing date for entries is 31 August 2021.


Martynas Levickis August Concert Program - Lithuania

Martynas Levickis and Mikroorkéstra
Martynas LevickisMartynas Levickis and Mikroorkéstra will perform nine concerts in Lithuania during August 2021.

Mikroorkéstra was founded in 2015 by Martynas Levickis and this unique chamber orchestra is comprised of outstanding musicians from Lithuania. All orchestra players are handpicked by Martynas.

Concerts are: .......


XII Inter-regional Competition "Terengul Spirits", Ulyanovsk Region - Russia

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The XII Inter-regional Competition "Terengul Spirits" for Harmonists, Bayanists and Accordionists named after Alexander Danilov will be held in the Concert Hall of the Cultural and Leisure Center of the village Terenga, Ulyanovsk Region, Russia on July 31st, 2021.


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Friedrich Lips 2021 Interview by Herbert Scheibenreif, Moscow - Russia

30 Lips CD covers
Prof. Friedrich LipsDr Herbert ScheibenreifThe amazing stellar career of Prof. Friedrich Lips as a performer, professor, author, arranger is well known around the world. He was originally interviewed in 1999 and now 22 years later, on the occasion of the publication of Lips CD030 Double Mirror, Moderator: Dr Herbert Scheibenreif interviews him again.

View the 2021 Interview at: Lips2021

Original 1999 Interview at: Lips1999

The first question was:
Q. Prof. Lips! The 30th CD of your own CD series has just been released. What special meaning does this have for you in your life's work? Have you also received international awards for your CDs?
Read the full interview at: Lips2021.aspx


22nd Autumn Seminar at Bavarian Music Academy – Germany

DHV logovenueRegistrations are now open for the 22nd Autumn Seminar at the Bavarian Music Academy Schloss Alteglofsheim near Regensburg organised by the Bavarian Branch of the German Harmonica Association (DHV).

The event will take place from October 29th to November 1st, 2021. The training offer includes courses on various topics and is aimed at amateur accordionists of all ages.


CD Reviews

CD Review: Double Mirror CD by Friedrich Lips

CD Reviews Index for the Review of Double Mirror CD by Friedrich Lips. Review by Joan Cochran Sommers in English and German languages.


New and Updated Sites

Updated Site: Julia Gordon Scottish Music Arrangements - Scotland

Julia Gordon accordion sheet music
Julia GordonJulia Gordon, entertainer, teacher and arranger, has a tutor book and a large catalog of Scottish arrangements that have received very complimentary reviews. The music is in pdf format able to be emailed to you.

Another 20 more titles, many of them famous Scottish traditional works arranged by Julia Gordon are now online. Click the link below, to view a sample of each piece, grade and other information.


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