Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordéon Festival, Quebec – Canada

Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordéon Festival
Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordéon FestivalThe annual Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordéon festival in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada, runs from September 3rd to 6th. The festival includes a wide variety of outdoor concerts, exhibitions, animations, conferences, dances, and opening and closing events.

Download the program: 2015Carrefour.pdf


Theft of 20 Accordions from Musikhaus Acmuton, Ginshelm – Germany

Musikhaus Acmuton
Acmuton stolenLast weekend, 20 full size accordions were stolen from Musikhaus Acmuton, Darmstadt Landstr. 47, 65462 Ginshelm, a music-store in the Rhine Main region.

All accordions are in great condition - brand new or used. The brands are Hohner, Zupan, Bugari, Beltuna, Guerrini, Scandalli, Paolo Soprani, Weltmeister, Delicia (piano or chromatic, mostly B-system).


Acmuton stolen

Reminder: 2015 Coupe Mondiale Entries Closing, 31st August - Finland

Coupe Mondiale header
LogomoTeachers and national associations are reminded that the entry closing date for the 2015 Coupe Mondiale is 31st August for all 8 international accordion categories of competitions which include classical, virtuoso entertainment, ensemble and digital categories.

The entry system for competitors for the 68th Coupe Mondiale is online – so make your entries at: Coupe Mondiale
Entries must be received by 31st August 2015.


Novel and CD: 'Zuckerbrod und Peytsche’, London – UK

'Zuckerbrod und Peytsche’ book coverZuckerbrod und Peytsche’ is a romantic novel, involving an accordionist, written in German by Jean Caprice, and available as an eBook online. This novel will soon also be published in English and French languages.

Zuckerbrod und Peytsche’ is a love story set in Paris, Moscow and Marseille. Olivka, a beautiful Russian girl, meets the musician Zuckerbrod and the author Peytsche in a French restaurant in Paris. Olivka and Zuckerbrod fall in love...


Jean Caprice

CD Reviews

CD Review: Caleidoscopio by Riccardo Centazzo - Italy

Caleidoscopio CD CoverCD Reviews Index for the Review of Caleidoscopio by Riccardo Centazzo in English and Italian languages. Review by Alessandro Mugnoz.


New and Updated Sites

New Site: Claudio Azzaro 'Walking in My World' CD - Italy

'Walking in My World' CDThe CD 'Walking in My World' by Claudio Azzaro is now available online. Catalog: azzaro10eT

Claudio performs a number of popular virtuoso entertainment pieces backed by drums, guitar and double bass.

He has won a number of Italian competitions including Recanati, Morro D'Oro, Acquasparta, Ascoli Piceno, Piombino, Laina and has toured in Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany.

Claudio Azzaro has been a jury member at important Italian competitions and was the founder and the artistic director with Renzo Ruggieri of the "Accordion Art Festival".

Catalog: azzaro10eT Sound samples online.


Updated Site: Gorka Hermosa Tangosophy CD - Spain

Tangosophy CDGorka Hermosa homepage and Tangosophy CD Catalog hermosa11eT


Charnwood Publish New Douglas Ward Compositions - UK

Charnwood Publishing
Music sampleDouglas WardCharnwood Publishing have released two new compositions by Douglas Ward titled:
Catalog No. DW931 Exaggeration Waltz
Catalog No. DW932 Into the Spice Market

The homepage of Douglas Ward is also updated. Order from Charnwood Music Publishing using the high security eCommerce site provided by Worldpay.


Updated Site: Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni Additional Information - USA

Evelyn Tiffany-CastiglioniEvelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni, accordionist, arranger, professor has updated the information on her site.

Included is the interesting information that the owners of accordion publishing company O. Pagani, Frank and Mary Gaviani were her godparents and that her father, Robert S. Tiffany, Jr. was a student of Frank Gaviani Snr. and became a teacher of the Frank Gaviani Accordion School.

View her arrangements at: Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni


Updated Site: Peter Wilk Site Updated With Sound Files - Canada

Peter WilkPeter Wilk has updated his site with sound files for his compositions and arrangements:
View at:
wp501 - Salut d'Amour
wp502 - Ave Verum
wp503 - Nimrod
wp504 - Valse Romantique
wp505 - Happy Poppa Polka
wp506 - Days Gone By
wp507 - Clair de Lune

All are available for online purchase. Shopping basket links to the high security eCommerce site run by WorldPay.com, one of the world's largest payment processing system.


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