Unique, 'Original Harmonicas' for Tchaikovsky Orchestral Suite No. 2 - Russia

Sergey Osokin, Yulia Amerikova, Vladimir Jurowski, Maria Vlasova and Alexander Selivanov.
Diatonic (E)Thanks to the initiative of Yulia Amerikova and Alexander Selivanov, there was a significant event for accordion, 17th January in the Big Hall of Perm Philharmonic and 20th January in the Concert Hall of Tchaikovsky in Moscow, when the audiences were able to listen to the Orchestral Suite No. 2 by Tchaikovsky with 'Original Harmonicas'.



20th International Week of Accordion "Alcobaça 2016" – Portugal

Accordion Association of Alcobaça
Anibal FreireThe 20th International Week of Accordion ‘Alcobaça 2015’ takes place, May 7th to 15th in Alcobaça, Portugal.
The International Week, will also include the 21st National Trophy and the 2nd Accordion International Contest from May 13th to 15th. Download entry forms and competition regulations in English at: 2016Alcobaca.pdf



Amy Jo Sawyer Performs with the St. Louis Symphony, Illinois – USA

Steve Schenkel, Amy Jo Sawyer, Kirk Hanser
Amy Jo SawyerAccordionist Amy Jo Sawyer performed with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s at the United States premiere of Disney’s Academy Award winning movie ‘Ratatouille’. This event took place at Powell Hall, Belleville, Illinois.

Photo: Guitarist Steve Schenkel, Amy Jo Sawyer and guitarist Kirk Hanser were performing with the St. Louis Symphony.


Trio Fratres Returns to the Stage & Releases New CD - Finland

XVIII  Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival logo
Trio FratresAfter 10 years pause, Trio Fratres is returning to the concert stage. The accordion trio of Raimo Vertainen, Heikki Jokiaho and Toni Hämäläinen will commemorate their return to the stage by releasing a new CD.

Trio Fratres first performance is on the 17th February at the Conservatory Pitkänsillankatu as part of the Kokkola Winter Accordion.


CD Reviews

CD Review: Fachwerk | Kapote CD by Friedrich Lips

Fachwerk | Kapote CD cover by Friedrich LipsCD Reviews Index for the Review of Fachwerk | Kapote CD by Friedrich Lips. Review by Joan Cochran Sommers.


New and Updated Sites

New Arrangment by Renzo Ruggieri, Medley Disco Music - Italy

Renzo RuggieriJust released arrangement titled Medley Disco, catalog rrenzo508. This virutoso performance arrangement by famed Italian performer and teacher Renzo Ruggieri is ideal for international competitions.

Renzo Ruggieri arranged Medley Disco for Grayson Masefield to perform and the work was premiered in Belgium last November and is now available online.

Medley Disco also fits well for concerts where the performer wants to display brilliant melodic repertoire.


Site Updated: American Accordionists' Association (AAA) Site Updated - USA

AAA Banner
Site Updated: American Accordionists' Association (AAA) have updated their site to have more information about their annual July festival including the forms for the festival.


Updated Site: Accordion Examination Board of New Zealand (AEBNZ) by Heather Masefield

Accordion Examination Board of New Zealand (AEBNZ) logoThe Accordion Examination Board of New Zealand (AEBNZ) has updated its website with the 2016 examination dates and 2016 entry fees and forms.


Updated Site: Campbell Bettridge Video and Sample Music Added - New Zealand

Campbell BettridgeUpdated Site: The site of Campbell Bettridge has been updated to include the video of him performing the famous and popular Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BMV 565 by J S Bach. This video has received over 1 million views and is one of them most popular classical recordings of accordion on the internet.

The arrangement by Campbell Bettridge of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BMV 565 is available online at Catalog: bettridge01
and sample pages of the arrangement have now been added to the site.


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