2021 Belles Bretelles Festival - France

Belles Bretelles 2021
Club Leo Lagrange Hergnies, organisers of the 2021 Hainaut Belles Bretelles Festival are confident this year’s event will take place from May 22nd to 24th, 2021 despite the cancellation of the 2020 event due to Covid-19.

The festival is three free days of music, partying and entertainment around all styles of accordion.


2021 Belles Bretelles Festiva

2021 World Accordion Day, World of Accordions Museum - USA

WAD poster
Harrington ARTS Center (HARTS) and A World of Accordions Museum (AWAM) will host a live music accordion festival in Superior, Wisconsin from May 6th to 8th, 2021. This event will be held in conjunction with World Accordion Day and the 9th Annual Palmer Festival.

• May 5th: Band rehearsal
• May 6th: World Accordion Day concerts, music and lectures will be ongoing from 10am to 7pm with refreshments available.
• May 7th: 9th Annual Dr Willard Palmer Festival introduction from 10am with concerts, demonstrations, workshops, and concerts.


AWAM header

Free: 'Vintage Accordions' and 'Accordion: A Pictorial History' offered as free PDFs – UK

Rob Howard
Vintage Accordions book coverAccordion A Pictorial History book coverRob Howard’s two out-of-print (sold out) books
catalog robaccord05 'Vintage Accordions'
catalog robaccord06 'Accordion: A Pictorial History'
are now very generously offered free as printable PDFs to anybody who asks for them.

Each has 300+ colour photos of accordions through the ages plus notes and articles, telling the story of the accordion in its various forms from the early 19th Century to the present time.


Radu Ratoi Wins Royal Danish Academy of Music Competition - Denmark

Radu RatoiRadu RatoiRadu Ratoi (pictured above) has won the Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium (DKDM - Royal Danish Academy of Music) solo competition held this week in Frederiksberg, Denmark.

His teacher, Geir Draugsvoll congratulated him and the other finalists Johanna Nylund (soprano), Cansin Kara (cello) and Kendzsi Tanaka (piano).


Review: 14th Afternoon of Music with Kevin Friedrich & Friends - New Zealand

DargavilleThe Lighthouse Function Center in Dargaville, New Zealand was filled to capacity for the 14th Annual Afternoon of Music with Kevin Friedrich and Friends, a variety Show featuring accordionists and entertainers from different parts of New Zealand.

Accordionist Kevin Friedrich hosted his popular fundraising concert this time called ‘An American Journey’, on 28 March 2021. Presented by The Dargaville Museum, the 14th Annual Afternoon of Music with Kevin Friedrich and Friends featured a variety of American or American inspired music.


Grayson & Kevin

CD Reviews

New Article: Astor Piazzolla 100 Years at: Articles

Astor PiazzollaA new article titled "100 years of Astor Piazzolla" is now online at: Articles
The article was written to celebrate Argentine composer, Piazzolla’s 100th anniversary of his birth, written by Edizione Curzi.


New and Updated Sites

Updated Site: About "Play the Accordion Without Pain" by John Bonica - USA

John Bonica bookJohn BonicaUpdated Site: John Bonica , PT CMP NZRP (New Zealand and USA), author of the book "Play the Accordion Without Pain" site updated to include new information.

The book was written just prior to his unexpected passing in March 2018.


Updated Site: Heather Gladstone QSM, Christchurch - New Zealand

Heather GladstoneAn updated site for known performer Heather Gladstone QSM, honored by the New Zealand Government for her services to music. Pictures of her investiture and also being admitted as a Bard of the Gorsedh in Cornwall, UK.


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