Gorka Hermosa Wins PIF Composition Competition – Italy

Gorka HermosaVideo: Demo audio of "Dwarves' Tales".

Gorka Hermosa (picture left - Spain) has won the 2020 PIF Classic & Ensemble Composition for Accordion Competition. The annual theme of the festival was "All the Colors of the World".

Nineteen works arrived this year and the organisers were impressed with the high artistic level of the compositions.


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Final World Accordion Day Broadcast 6th June - International

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World Accordion Day logoOne final broadcast
6th June 2020 Broadcast WAD2020
Starting: * Rome 7.00 PM * Moscow 8.00 PM - * New York – 1.00 PM - * LA - 10 AM *Auckland – 5.00 AM (June 7th) * China - 9.00 AM broadcast (June 7th).

Earlier broadcasts, 6th May, 9th May, 23 May are online at: WAD2020


Friedrich Lips at "Bayan and Accordion Stars", Moscow - Russia

Friedrich LipsThe 3rd and final concert in the "Bayan and Accordion Stars" series will be held at the Moscow Philharmonic Chamber Hall on March 7th, 2021, at 7 pm.

This concert will include a performance by the Piazzolla-Studio quartet, which includes Friedrich Lips (picture right), who will be accompanied by Vladislav Igolinsky (violin), Kirill Rodin (cello) and Sviatoslav Lips (piano).


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2020 South Pacific and New Zealand Accordion Championships - New Zealand

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Kevin FriedrichDaily Report: Video pictures and results at: 2020SouthPac

The New Zealand Accordion Association is hosting a very shortened version of the South Pacific International Championship Solo Classes on May 30th, 2020 because of Covid-19.

The event will be online with no audience and only a few Championship solo categories with no international guests or international competitors due to lockdown rules preventing international people travelling to New Zealand.

Head of Jury is CIA Ambassador Kevin Friedrich (picture right).

Daily Report: Videos of the competitors and the results will be placed online at 5pm New Zealand time, 30 May at: 2020SouthPac


New and Updated Sites

Updated Site: Franck Angelis Hommage A Paco (Duet) Video online - South Korea

Video added to Catalog: ang557 - Hommage A Paco (Duet) site.

The video is duo Haein Yujeong Jeon (South Korea) and Grayson Masefield (New Zealand) video clip of the accordion duet version of Hommage a Paco composed by Franck Angelis.

This was filmed in South Korea just before the lockdown.


News in Russian Updated

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The Accordion Russia News has been updated with new items and is now available online.


Report: 9th May World Accordion Day - Worldwide

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WAD headerNext Broadcast
23rd May 2020 Broadcast WAD2020
Starting: * Rome 7.00 PM * Moscow 8.00 PM - * New York – 1.00 PM - * LA - 10 AM *Auckland – 5.00 AM (May 24) * China - 9.00 AM broadcast (May 24).


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Report: 6th May World Accordion Day Broadcast - Worldwide

World Accordion Day
WAD logoAccordionists around the world have taken part in a 6th May broadcast, WAD2020 presenting a variety of interviews and videos around the world.

WAD2020 includes:
An introduction and performance by 2019 CIA Coupe Mondiale winner Kirill Rusinov

A welcome by Grayson Masefield (New Zealand) and Kevin Friedrich (USA)


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