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Due to overseas travel and an extensive schedule of accordion activities with the exciting 2019 Shanghai Spring International Accordion Festival, the Weekly News will go live 24 hours later than normal at approximately 7pm Saturday 20th April Italy time.

Please check back here later. Thank you for your patience.


Report: Frankfurt Musikmesse 2019 Online – Germany

Musikmesse building
The extensive report of the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2019 of pictures and video is now online at: Frankfurt2019 Gallery link

Accordion factories exhibiting included:
Beltuna Accordions S.r.l.
Bugari Armando and Bugari Evo
Cagnoni Srl
Dino Baffetti di Baffetti G. & C. snc
Dallape in visit
Harmonikas s.r.o.
Italcinte in visit
Mengascini in visit mengascini@tiscalinet.it
MusicTech di Sabbatini Claudio & C. snc
Orla Srl
Pasco Italia Srl E Soprani Moreschi
Pigini Srl
Scandalli Accordions Srl
Zero Sette


Mathias Rugsveen Wins 1st Prize at Nordstrand Music Competition - Norway

The Nordstrand Music Competition is a soloist contest for young talents, including Norway‘s very promising performers of classical music.

Accordionist Mathias Rugsveen, winner of the 2019 competition is a student at Skullerud Ungdomsskole and has played the accordion since he was 5 years old. He has participated in a number of concerts and competitions in Norway and abroad.


Closing dates for 2019 Val Tidone International Music Competitions – Italy

Val Tidone banner
Livio BollaniThe 22nd Val Tidone International Music Competitions will take place from June 7th to 16th in the Val Tidone. The Artistic Director is Livio Bollani (picture left). This year’s event will include six international music competitions for a variety of instruments including the accordion, solo and group and categories such as classical and contemporary, pop, rock, world and Jazz.


Grayson Masefield, Free Concert Courtesy of Alabama Accordionists Association - USA

Grayson MasefieldMulti world champion, Grayson Masefield, will be appearing in concert on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at the Brookfield Baptist Church in Mountain Brook, Alabama. Show times will be at 1pm and the concert repeated at 7pm.

This concert will be free of charge and is courtesy of the Alabama Accordionists Association.


Grayson Masefield albums


Report: 12th Anniversary Afternoon of Music with Kevin Friedrich & Friends Online - New Zealand

Dargaville concert logo
The 12th Anniversary Afternoon of Music with Kevin Friedrich & Friends report and photos are now online. The report includes information on the March 31st, 2019 variety Show featuring accordionists and entertainers from New Zealand and Australia. The show was called 'Music from the Stage and Screen'.

View the report at: 2019Dargaville



Friedrich Lips新CD发布--俄罗斯、奥地利

Quodlibet CD header
Quodlibet CD cover, Friedrich LipsA new CD entitled “Quodlibet” by Friedrich Lips has just been released. This CD contains the music of major Russian composers from the second half of the 20th century to early 21st century.

Catalog: CD029 Quodlibet CD


Friedrich Lips

New Compositions by Franco Cambareri - Australia

Music sampleFranco CambareriThree new compositions by Franco Cambareri of Australia have been released.

cfranco241 - Fantasia Lunatica
cfranco242 - Nostalgic Moments
cfranco243 - Triste Autunno

View sample page online, pdf format music sent to purchaser by email.



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