54th International Accordion Competition Klingenthal 2017, May - Germany

International Accordion Competition Klingenthal
"Daily Event" Report with results, pictures and video is online at: 2017 Klingenthal

Full results online now.


Prof. Vladimir Besfamilnov Passed Away, 14th May 2017

Prof. Vladimir BesfamilnovThe accordion world was greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Prof. Vladimir Besfamilnov on 14th May.

Famous accordionists from all over the world were sending their messages of condolence and praise for this highly admired person, concert artist, university teacher and Honored Musician of Russia.


Harmonika-WM 2017 in Außervillgraten - Austria

Harmonika-WM 2017
Daily Reports will be online for the Harmonika WM Ausservillgraten 2017 from the 26th May. These European competitions also include the Austrian State Championships for Styrian harmonica and folk music groups.

See Daily Reports, pictures, results and video at: 2017Harmonika



Jörgen Sundeqvist with Västerås Symphonietta Perform Accordion King

Christian Lindberg, Jörgen Sundeqvist and Fredrik Högberg
PosterThe Västerås Symphonietta season's last concert was in Torsdagsserien and featured multimedia symphonic works, Dragspelskungen, the Accordion King - a tribute to the history of accordionists in Swedish cultural history.

Full details in the world premiere report: 2015King


Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Willoughby Ann Walshe 80th Birthday, Kamen - Germany

Ulrich Schmuelling, Willoughby Ann Walshe
Last month we ran an article about the 80th birthday of Willoughby Ann Walshe. Unfortunately, there was an error in the link to a full interview and pictures.

English: Full article and interview at: WalsheArticle2017

Deutsch: Vollständiger Artikel und Interview bei: WalsheArticle2017de


CD Reviews

Review of The Shortcut to Playing and the Bellows-Technique for The Accordion by Lars Ek

Lars Ek book coverCD Reviews Index for the Review of the eBook (sent to you by email) written by Lars Ek, reviewed by Franco Cambareri.

The Shortcut to Playing and the Bellows-Technique for The Accordion by Lars Ek
CD Reviews Index


New and Updated Sites

Fismen Accordions "Know the People" Interview, Castelfidardo - Italy

Fismen Accordions
"Know the People" Interview: with:
Luciano Guffo (Director)
Silvano Palmieri (Director)
Francesco Stacchiotti (Director - not present)
of Fismen Accordions

Editor: Holda Paoletti-Kampl

"Know the People" of Castelfidardo who have made this small city so famous around the world for their quality accordion products. Interview at: 2017Fismen

Picture below: Luciano Guffo (left) and Silvano Palmieri (right)


Updated Page: "Know The People" Interviews Since December 2016

Know the People - Celebrity Interviews
The Celebrity Interviews home page has been updated to list all the "Know The People" interviews since December 2016.

02 December 2016 English Serenellini Interview at: 2016Serenellini
16 December 2016 English Fisitalia Interview at: 2016Fisitalia
13 January 2017 English Alessandrini Interview at: 2017Alessandrini
27 January 2017 English Giustozzi Interview at: 2017GiustozziAcc
17 February 2017 English Mengascini Interview at: 2017MN-Interview
24 March 2017 English MusicTech Interview at: 2017MusicTech
21 April 2017 English Italcinte Interview at: 2017Italcinte
12 May 2017 English Fismen Interview at: 2017Fismen


Updated Site, Frank Marocco 3 CD Set & Book - Germany

There has been a slight price increase for the Frank Marocco 3 CD set and a beautifully presented book titled "Jazz On The Road, Volume 1-3" Catalog: ks550

The book describes Frank Marocco's musical life in extensive texts enriched with many never-before published photos and significant interviews.

The author is accordionist, conductor and music historian Thomas Eickhoff.


My Vanishing African Dreams eBook by Susan M. Hall - Kenya

My Vanishing African Dreams book coverSusan M. HallThis book is not about accordion but it is a fascinating read and its written by Susan M. Hall, a superb Kenyan artist.

The author writes:
"My Vanishing African Dreams describes my unusual and exciting life as a women, both on our cattle ranch where we were traders in beef cattle in Kenya, and my remarkable experiences exploring Kenya's mostly uninhabited Norther Frontier District.

My story includes the mountains I've climbed and the dangers of those climbs, as well as treacherous experiences encountering wildlife."

Further information about the book and the artist at: Susan M. Hall

Buy the eBook pdf edition emailed to you, only US$9 or Euro equivalent, Shopping basket link: Hall101


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