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Rob HowardWelcome to the Christmas edition of the Weekly News, the last news bulletin for 2014. The past year has seen a large number and wide variety of accordion events around the world, lots of new recordings and compositions, etc, and the accordion world has also seen the sad passing of some notable personalities, reported on Accordions Worldwide.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the news each week, and I would like to thank all who submitted news items to Accordions Worldwide. The service we provide for all accordionists depends very much on your contributions. Please keep sending your news about forthcoming events. Our service is free, and we aim to be as helpful as possible.

The first news of the New Year will be published on January 9th 2015.

On behalf of all at Accordions Worldwide I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. Stay safe, and keep squeezing.


XXVI International Moscow Festival “Bayan and Bayanists” Report - Russia

logoVideo of concerts above from the XXVI International Moscow Festival “Bayan and Bayanists”. Video kindly provided by Gnesin Hall.

The XXVI International Festival ‘Bayan and Bayanists’ was held, December 10th to 14th, at the Concert Hall of the Gnessin Music Academy, Moscow.

Artistic Director: Friedrich Lips, Festival Director: Alexander Gataullin.

A report in English and German is online at: 2014Moscow


2015 1st China Shenzhen International Accordion Art Festival

2015  1st China Shenzhen International Accordion Art Festival
Li CongThe 2015 1st China Shenzhen International Accordion Art Festival will be the 1st annual international accordion art festival in China and will be held in the city of Shenzhen and hosted by the China Accordion Association and the Shenzhen Government in July 2015.

Picture left, Prof. Li Cong President of the China Accordion Association and lower, Jianhua Tong, President of the Shenzhen Province Accordion Association.


Beltuna and City of Bari Concert to Honor Pino Di Modugno 80th Birthday - Italy

Pino Di Modugno and orchestra
Presentation of Beltuna accordionOn the 5th November, the very popular accordionist Pino Di Modugno celebrated his 80th birthday. On the 15th November, the City of Bari organised an extraordinary concert with the Symphony Orchestra, and the whole "Di Modugno family band" also performing at the Showville, Bari.


Pino Di Modugno

2015 South Pacific Accordion Championships & Festival Prospectus – New Zealand

NZAA header
NZAA ProspectusThe Prospectus (Rules and Regulations) for the 2015 South Pacific Accordion Championships & Festival, to be held in Auckland on Saturday 30th May and Sunday 31st May 2015, are now available at: 2015 NZ Prospectus

The rules for the international categories closely follow the rules of the Coupe Mondiale.


Raye Freedman Arts Centre

5th Naxos Winter Camp Modern Accordion Masterclasses - Italy

5th Naxos Winter Camp Modern Accordion Poster
Antonio SpaccarotellaA maximum of 10 participants are able to attend a program of master classes in modern accordion (with Varieté and Jazz orientation) by Antonio Spaccarotella, 3rd to 9th January. The Winter Camp is aimed at the realization of international cultural exchanges and learning the latest techniques of modern accordion.


Happy Xmas from Roberto Mangosi and Accordions Worldwide

Happy Xmas from Roberto Mangosi and Accordions Worldwide


CD Reviews

Accordion Sensations CD by Paul Chamberlain

Accordion Sensations CD by Paul ChamberlainCD Reviews Index for the Review of Accordion Sensations CD by Paul Chamberlain, Accordion, in English language, reviewed by Joan C. Sommers.


New and Updated Sites

Updated Site: New Solo and Ensemble Music Released by Renzo Ruggieri

Renzo RuggieriRenzo Ruggieri releases two eSheet compositions (sent to you by email).

Catalog: rrenzo506 Cinema is for electronic accordion (4 parts) and drums.

Catalog: rrenzo505 Roma Tango (solo)


Updated Site: Franco Cambareri New Work U Ciucciariellu (The Little Donkey)

Franco CambareriFranco Cambareri has released a new work:
Catalog No: cfranco193 U Ciucciariellu (The Little Donkey)
as an eSheet, able to be purchased online with credit card and sent to you by email.

The new work is based upon a traditional joyful Calabrian (Southern Italy) Tarantella.


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